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OneShot - Prologue [Spoilers]
I have only one try at this.
I have to find the right person for this.
I need to save them.
I need to save my family. My children.

Ah. Perfect.
I found the perfect organic host.
Now I need to upload their mind into the program. I hope the player will know what to do.
They are our only hope after all.

Establishing Connection
. . .
Connection Online
Reading User Memories
Memory Read Complete
Scanning Memories
Memory scan Complete
Starting Mind Upload Now
Upload at 20%
Upload at 45%
Upload at 60%
Upload at 90%
Upload at 100%
Mind Upload Finished
Virtualization of Hosts Body
Initializing Basic Life Support
Initializing World Simulation
Initializing External Output
Host Online
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Shreksiblings - AKA The Crossover nobody asked for by Litosns Shreksiblings - AKA The Crossover nobody asked for :iconlitosns:Litosns 5 3 Doodle 2 by Litosns Doodle 2 :iconlitosns:Litosns 6 1 Doodles by Litosns Doodles :iconlitosns:Litosns 6 8
IAITC - Notes about Familiars
Welcome dear Reader to this short note about Familiars.
Familiars are believed to be magical creatures that were once friends of Lyns.
Lyns for those who don't know where magical creatures which had both Humans strength and Monsters magic.
Thanks to their magical ability and their strong SOUL's Lyns were able to create life from shards of their SOUL.
A small piece of their SOUL could be taken away and their SOUL would heal the missing part with no problems which caused quite a ruckus in the world.
It was after all known Lyns could come back from the dead if their SOUL were not destroyed.
But we're not talking about Lyns, but rather the life they could create.
Familiars were created from part of a Lyns SOUL and a thought. They could have any personality as the Lyn could give them one by simply thinking about who they wanted as a companion. It is believed that some Familiars were created from both a piece of Lyns SOUL and a ghost of a dead person.
Yes, you read that right. Lyns had the p
:iconlitosns:Litosns 4 1
It's all in The Code - Wait. That just happened?
Crackling of fire snapped me out of my thoughts. I was sitting in the living room with Toriel. She served me her butterscotch-cinnamon pie. According to Chara it's her iconic pie.
"So my child, if you do not mind me asking what are you going to do now?" Toriel asked, breaking the silence.
"Huh? Oh. I'll probably go outside and explore the underground if you don't mind. From what I read in your books the Underground has very interesting terrain." I said
"Ah yes, it is true. The Underground, even though it is our prison, is a marvelous place. Sadly, some of our kind can't see the beauty of it's places because they learned to think of it as a prison." She said sadly.
"Well Miss Toriel I'm sure I'll make my best to enjoy this place. Where is the entrance to the rest of the Underground exactly?" I asked.
"Just downstairs. Normally I would never have allowed a child to explore the Underground alone. For some time I tried to keep the children in here. Away from the dangers outside." Toriel lo
:iconlitosns:Litosns 3 4
Escape from Big City by Litosns Escape from Big City :iconlitosns:Litosns 3 0 Splatoon - Hackerspace - Livingroom by Litosns Splatoon - Hackerspace - Livingroom :iconlitosns:Litosns 1 0 Splatoon - Hackerspace - Kitchen by Litosns Splatoon - Hackerspace - Kitchen :iconlitosns:Litosns 1 0 Hacker Inkling Girl - Camera View by Litosns Hacker Inkling Girl - Camera View :iconlitosns:Litosns 2 0 Hacker Inkling Girl - 'Accident' by Litosns Hacker Inkling Girl - 'Accident' :iconlitosns:Litosns 2 0 Hacker Inkling Girl by Litosns Hacker Inkling Girl :iconlitosns:Litosns 2 0 Splatoon meets Watch_Dogs by Litosns Splatoon meets Watch_Dogs :iconlitosns:Litosns 3 0 Splatoon - New Amiibo by Litosns Splatoon - New Amiibo :iconlitosns:Litosns 10 9 Chara Dreemurr Selfie by Litosns Chara Dreemurr Selfie :iconlitosns:Litosns 10 0 Chara Dreemurr by Litosns Chara Dreemurr :iconlitosns:Litosns 16 0

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Sits in a hole of failure that I actually am.

Let's summarize me, I haven't posted anything productive from my side for half a year.
Then I promised my friend an art work that I would get someone to make.
I found three people.
First one had decided to have a art block.
Second one left me with no way to contact her.
Third one made it seem like she'd do it for free and suddenly pulled the moneywall on me.

Right now I feel like total asshole because I literally made my friends hopes go up.
First and Second went straight to "we never spoke about it" and third I can't have art from because I have 0 money atm for anything.
So yeah, I'll just sit tight.
Feel free to bury me inside this hole I'm sitting in btw.



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I got Tagged by this Magnificent Person: :iconblurrynightsky:
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  • You rarely lie, and if you do, you admit it later [ ]
  • You get very offended when someone lies to YOU. [ ]
  • When you trust someone, you really trust them, and cannot believe it when they betray you. [X]
  • You keep your word: if you make a promise, you keep that promise [ ]
  • You love being unique [X]
  • You refuse to change your personality for anyone [ ]
  • You encourage others to be unique [X]
  • You have a very creative mind [ ]
  • You have a very serious moral standard [X]
  • You love dancing/ music [X]
  • Your dream job involves dancing/music [ ]
  • your favorite color is blue, ̶e̶s̶p̶e̶c̶i̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶a̶r̶k̶ ̶b̶l̶u̶e̶ [X]
  • You hate being late for anything [X]
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you tended to get the dark blue flag a lot [  ]
  • In video games, you often point out the music, and enjoy dancing games [X]
  • If by some miracle you find a game with a dancer in it, you really, really wanna be that dancer [  ]
  • Your favorite fictional characters are those who stay true to their beliefs []
  • You agree with the statement: It is better to walk in integrity than have great riches [X]
  • you hate stories where people change who they are just to please others [] 
  • You were honest with Undyne and told her anime wasn't real [X]
  Total: 10


  • You can't stop moving [X]
  • You are the one that wants to beat up all the bullies [X]
  • You like boxing/martial arts [ ]
  • Your favorite color is orange[  ]
  • You wear manly bandannas and tough gloves [  ]
  • You hate waiting around--LET'S DO IT NOW! [  ]
  • When you get scared, you face your fears head-on [ ]
  • Who needs plans? Let's dive right in! [ ]
  • In video games, you enjoy being the guy with the most attack/defense and health--the big tough guy! [X]
  • Your favorite fictional characters are the brave ones, and the toughest ones [  ]
  • You agree with the statement: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself [X]
  • Your dream job would be something scary, something tough--perhaps a soldier or boxer [ ]
  • You love music that gets your blood pumping harder [X]
  • You are protective of those you love, and will totally beat up whoever messes with them[X] 
  • You tended to get the orange flag in the snowball game in Undertale [ ]
  • You are VERY competitive [X]
  • You are athletic [  ]
  • You like muscular people [  ]
  • You enjoy things other people would consider scary [] 
  • You don't like mushy, emotions, and always try to be tough [ ] 
Total: 7

  • Your favorite color is yellow [ ]
  • You have really good aim [?] (Do Video Games count? I can one tap with AK47)
  • When you get angry, it's usually over some terrible injustice [X]
  • When there are bullies, you tell the teacher so they can get what they deserve [ ] 
  • Your dream job would be something in law enforcement--police officer, lawyer, judge, etc, [ ]
  • You love firearms/guns [X]
  • Either you go to a shooting range, or play FPS games [X]
  • Not only do you play FPS games, but you LOVE being the sniper [X]
  • You also enjoy detective/lawyer games [X] 
  • You love watching mysteries and adventures where the bad guys get defeated [X] 
  • You uphold the law very seriously [ ]
  • You have a strong sense of ethics [ ]
  • You agree with the statement: you will reap what you sow [X]
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you got the yellow flag a lot [ ]
  • You also enjoy western movies, because of the sense of justice [ ]
  • Your favorite characters are detectives, lawyers, etc [  ]
  • You love it when the bad guys get beaten [X]
  • You hate it when the bad guys get away [  ]
  • When you do something bad, you are willing to punish yourself [ ]
  • You have the tendency to point out when other people do something wrong, not because you are mean, but because you want them to do what is right [X]
Total: 10

  • You do not mind reading long lists []
  • You don't mind waiting for long periods of time []
  • Even when you get annoyed, you tell yourself, "just be patient... be patient " [X]
  • It takes A LOT for you to get angry...a.....barking....lot.... []
  • You are willing to listen to other people talk for a long time [X]
  • You love your little siblings, and don't get annoyed easily [ ] (I have no siblings ;-;)
  • In video games, you love being the stealth characters that sneak around and wait for the perfect time to pounce [X]
  • your favorite color is aqua/cyan [  ]
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you got the cyan (light blue) flag a lot [X]
  • You don't mind long cut scenes in video games [X] 
  • You don't mind long movies [  ]
  • When other people get angry, you calmly wait for them to relax [ ] (I don't wait, I act and try to calm them down)
  • Your dream job would be something other people would consider tedious [  ]
  • You agree with the statement: the tortoise won the race, not the hare. [X]
  • You enjoy long pieces of music [ ]
  • You are very forgiving, and don't really get offended at whatever minor thing they did []
  • When you are bullied, you hope that if you hold still long enough they'll go away [X]
  • you prefer to let things happen naturally, instead of rushing them []
  • you enjoy sitting and watching nature [] 
  • You understand that people take time to change [X]

Total: 8

  • You are very empathetic/sympathetic []
  • You genuinely love people []
  • You are willing to be beaten up by a bully if it means protecting someone else [ ]
  • You refuse to fight back, unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY [X]
  • You are good at catching/blocking things thrown at you []
  • You enjoy cooking [X]
  • your favorite color is green []
  • You are very good to your pets [X]
  • Your favorite fictional characters are the gentlest ones [ ]
  • You get REALLY upset when people call your favorite characters mary-sues, because you know in real life there ARE very kind-hearted people--and you are one of them! [  ]
  • You agree with the statement: kindness makes the world go 'round [  ]
  • You may sound like a hippy, but you are all for world peace []
  • In the snowball game in Undertale, you got the green flag a lot []
  • your dream job is either something related to food or helping other people [  ]
  • You enjoy helping others a lot [X] (Eh... Kinda?)
  • In video games, you love being the healers [ ]
  • You are forgiving [X]
  • When you see someone crying, you want to make them feel better [X]
  • You hate stories with broken relationships, because it makes you sad [ ] 
  • You could NEVER do any kind of gameplay that involves killing EVERYTHING [ ] (Uhm... "The Genocide Continues")
Total: 6


  • You try to be optimistic, even in the darkest times [ ]
  • You take a lot of notes [  ]
  • You are a nerd, and you are okay with that [X]
  • You don't care what other people may say about you--you will keep moving forward [X]
  • If at first you don't succeed, try, try again [] (Isn't that the definition of insanity? Repeating something in hopes of a different result?)
  • When you are bullied, you try to ignore them and keep doing your thing [ ]
  • Your favorite color is purple [  ]
  • in the snowball game, you got the purple flag a lot [  ]
  • You do get annoyed with your younger siblings, but you wait it out []
  • You don't like waiting, but are willing to wait []
  • You agree with the statement: he who ENDURES to the END will be saved [X]
  • The important thing is finishing what you start, not being the best [X]
  • You enjoy games where you have to endure as long as you can before you die, and you like beating your score each time [ ]
  • In video games, you like being the guy with the most stamina [  ]
  • You also enjoy strategy games, and often have a plan []
  • Your dream job would involve some kind of paperwork or using your mind a LOT  [ ]
  • You want to keep your mind sharp  [X]
  • Your favorite characters are the ones that make it to the end, no matter what [X]
  • You hate it when fictional characters give up  [ ]
  • You keep trying, and you keep trying, and you refuse to quit! [] (Again. Definition of Insanity)
Total: 6

  • You are a completionist gamer--you want to make sure you get EVERYTHING finished [X] (Achievement run!)
  • You are VERY stubborn [X] (True that)
  • You don't have one tactic, but adapt to each situation and make up a strategy for each one [X] (In games I either go Stealthly, or Head on)
  • Your favorite color is red [X] (I like Red and Blue :) )
  • Your favorite fictional characters are the underdogs who go through hardships and come out stronger  [X]
  • you enjoy alternate universe and time-traveling stories [X] (OMG YES!)
  • You want to make a HUGE difference in the world  [ ]
  • Until your dying breath, you will fight for what you believe in [ ]
  • In a video game, you might be the good guy, but you might be the bad guy--it depends on your mood [X] (It's good to be bad. Sometimes...)
  • When you set your mind to do something, you WILL do it [X]
  • You agree with the statement: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER [X]
  • you take note of many details-- sights, sounds, smells, estimate sizes of things, etc [X]
  • You are often the one settling disputes [ ]
  • you are the one with a lot of authority, and other people know it [ ]
  • You hate stories that feel half-finished [X]
  • In video games, you enjoy being the mage--the one who can do anything they like with magic [X] (If magic is made well. Yeah. But if magic is meh? No!)
  • In the snowball game, you got ALL of the flags, ON PURPOSE [X]
  • You played ALL the routes in Undertale, possibly more than once [X] (I killed Sans. Twice. After I killed him I reloaded and killed him again just to show him who's boss. After Genocide I removed the game. Now I'm doing Genocide again.)
  • You do not know your dream job, but you know that you can do ANYTHING if you try [X] 
Total: 15

And my trait is... DETERMINATION!
Chara icon 

I'm actually kinda shocked to be honest. I never expected Determination to be my trait. I guess I have to agree XD. I always felt that way :)

So. Let's get the show on the road. I tag
:iconyuki-the-animatronic: :iconpansy147: :iconmarvyanaka: :iconniuniunuko: 
And everyone who reads this and isn't tagged. Feel free to do it.
I don't expect you to do the thing. But it's fun. Trust me.

:iconblurrynightsky: Thanks for tagging me there.


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Guessing from one picture on your account Frisk will do some things that will change Sans' mind and give him new hope :)
FaithCarroll90 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Well, the story is almost written (now I have to correct it and translate it to English, which is what takes me longer) so there are no suspension problems due to the absence of muse: D
Frisk is expecting a hard road but she will be determined to correct all her mistakes.
Thanks again ^^
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